Rapper Mac Miller has died at age 26


In recent years, his music documented struggles with substance abuse and depression now, the American rapper MAC Miller has been found dead at his home near Los Angeles reports say the twenty six year old died from an apparent overdose. He had recently released an album and was Jesus go onto next month, Los Angeles correspondent James Cook reports. Mike Miller was born as Malcolm McCormick. In Pennsylvania, releasing his first mix tape at the age of just fifteen his debut album topped the US charts twenty eleven and reality. Tv cameras followed his move west to LA assists. Career took off Miller went on to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar ferrall Williams and with his girlfriend for two years, Ariana GRANDE. She later spoke publicly about ending what she called a toxic relationship tainted by substance abuse. Mac Miller struggles for sobriety were parent in the pain clinics and franchise delivery on his dark final album swimming. He was found dead at home shortly after posting a video of a turntable playing the strains of his song. So it

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