Raiders present check to Oakland Unified School District


The Oakland Raiders the, Vegas bound raiders have, made a donation to the Oakland unified school district to help save school sports KCBS a scholar Terry. Was there is the raiders president donated a giant check written out for. Two hundred fifty thousand dollars On the tennis courts at Oakland technical high school. The home of the BULLDOGS cheerleaders welcome to raiders president Mark Modane who, issued a check for, two hundred and fifty. Thousand dollars to the Oakland. Unified school district money that will go towards saving the forty percent plus, of the sports programs that were to be cut because of lack of money for the district two hundred and fifty. Thousand of the five hundred thousand needed to save all the sports that were on the chopping block compare that to the one hundred. And eighty two million dollar raiders payroll not much relatively speaking but still much appreciated I'm looking forward to partnership I know. That. It might be a long distance partnership in a minute smokey hidden Hodges the vice president of, the board of education making reference to the. Raiders upcoming, move to Las. Vegas we sit. In this space because the state of California really does not fund education in the way that it needs to be funded. Other private donors. Have also stepped up as the district hopes to make their goal of five hundred thousand dollars a

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