Video Game Sales See A Huge Increase During First Half Of 2018


Either an exciting business development or a sign of the demise of civilization spending on. Video games is way way up I'm Geoff Colvin. Of fortune magazine within side business this year is shaping up to be. Phenomenal for the video game industry total consumer spending on games in the US was up forty percent in this year's first half. To nineteen point five billion dollars this is not. A young industry far from it so. A forty percent increase is astounding most of that surge, came from spending on game. Software which total seventeen billion, dollars mobile games grew the most but spending on video game hardware hit a seven-year high in the year's first half and hardware spending generally rises much higher in the. Second half during the holiday season the spending surge is only likely to increase with the release of red dead redemption to set to release. October twenty six from rockstar games Creators of grand theft. Auto anticipation of the new game is. Running exceptionally high among players and other retailers are scheduling, the release of their big. Titles so they're not caught, in the retail blast zone of red dead among the games creating the biggest financial impact this year are of course fortnight plus activision perennial hit candy crush Ubisoft far. Cry five the best selling console game of the year so far and Sony's God of

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