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How was the gig i see lines let's play all the hits fate mic yeah yeah spent special himself slim sal cushioning bounce a lot of people that come okay yeah ask you a lot of people had trouble getting back from the gig yeah even do now obviously we're not saying it was it was you'll enjoy now you know try and dr yoram how did you get back from we flew flew we're going on prime jay from from twickenham tako fo foam is a wasteland just near twickenham just from the right harrier jump jets you don't need a long run you let the gig wow charlie drive it chani drove drove it drive a harrier jumpjet drive you fly you fly charlie flirt drive a chinese fluid charlie flow okay oh yeah so anyway pepe what did you make what are you gonna song absolutely put in very much enjoy your chassis jackets at the beginning did she get that from hey right what did you sing bus night make alcon getting those things jumping john o gas gas gas gimme gimme shell give me show show and then cave happy he he love love right so that's one of my favorite that and she's a rainbow my probably my favorite style and my three favorites based james by me boy his voices slipping yeah i'm just tired after the ginga that's good oh really kills lack of exercise in the morning i'll okay okay oh michael jackson oh very high no less square vertical he puts the drumsticks away the joystick charlie probably looks miserable probably charlie.

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