Daniel Cormier's first to hold two UFC titles


Percent or more on car insurance actually recently did that and i'm incredibly pleased with my decision so last night danielle cormier knocks out steep a meal in boise that three times fast in in the ufc heavyweight fights and of course daniel cormier is only losses of only losses come to john bones jones in the ufc so now cormier is the first fighter in ufc history to have belts in two weight classes the heavyweight division and the light heavyweight division and we're still waiting to see what kind of penalty john bones jones is going to be hit with after for a third time he was hit with a towpath violation unbelievable you know and if you're dana white what do you do when conor mcgregor throws metal objects at a bus what do you do when john bones jones dopes for the n t time you know what i mean like he needs marketable guys in those are his two most marketable fighters they just happen to be running amok right now but see the thing for me is i like the fight game i like boxing i like the ufc right now i couldn't name ten ufc fighters right now i couldn't name six or seven boxers because they're not visible to us i care i liked the nature of the sports but if you're like me i don't care enough that i'm going to go to some establishment at eleven thirty at night and if you're on a saturday night and if you're married good luck you really can't do that the even last night's card daniel cormie and steep amyotrophic the headlining fights on pay per view you only watch the the undercard on on the fox family of networks and so if you know at some point you've got to be willing to take a short term financial sacrifice for a long term gain if you give us the if you let us get to know the big time fighters we'll be there when you wanna hit us up for pay per view.

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