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Roast pork separate i'm doug brown the rescue operation in that thailand cave has started successfully four of those young soccer players are now out of the cave and we're taken to the hospital for treatment officials hope to rescue the other eight boys and their coach within the next few days the rescue operation will resume on monday daniel cormie a ads the ufc heavyweight title to his light heavyweight belt feeding st pay with a first round knockout in las vegas espn ufc analyst brad okamoto had his doubts about cormier going into the fight i just wondered though has the heavyweight division change does it more athletic than it used to be daniel cormier thirty nine what he's still have that blazing hand speed he had it against the pay me oh said she even said it after the fight he said we notice the steep eight when he backs up out of a clan he keeps his hands down and he was quick with the punch and that heavyweight division man we say it all the time that punch lands steep went out and dc is a two way champion it was unbelievable it was an absolutely unbelievable night for daniel cormier cormie was is challenged after the win by former champ rock listener ufc president dana white says that fight will happen sunday night baseball dodgers and angels in anaheim tonight coverage begins at seven eastern on espn radio tv and the app as expected the bulls matched the offer sheet from the.

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