Sen. Joni Ernst: Russia will never 'be a true friend' to the U.S.


Fifty one forty one in iowa senator is warning the president not to get too chummy with russian president vladimir putin here's more from usa's rick vincent on cbs face the nation senator joni ernst caution president trump against working with russia to ask ron from syria in return for the us reducing its presence in the country if there is a way that we can partner of put a lid on iran i would support that that again being very cautious because i don't say that russia would ever be a true friend or ally and earn set the us should resume military exercises with south korea should talks with enorthfield for usa radio news i'm required the death toll rose to at least seventy six and dozens more are missing from mudslides after heavy rain in japan the rains began thursday and continued through sunday in many areas across western and central japan most of the deaths have occurred in hiroshima prefecture in rare emergency warnings japan's meteorological agency described landslides rising rivers strong winds and lightning strikes caused by what it called historic rains in a twenty four hour period ending on saturday more than twenty two inches of rain fell in motor yama one point six million people were evacuated from their homes and another three point one million are on high alert and urged to do so prime minister shinzo abe's said at an emergency.

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