New Jersey Woman on Oxygen Dies After Electric Company Shuts Off Her Power


He's just hours away abc's kate shaw says it will be difficult for the democrats the minority party to totally derail the nomination but i think they could slow it down i mean there this long tradition of senatorial courtesy so if the democrats explain that there are particular documents that they need to review or you know interviews they need to conduct trump's announcement will be made starting at six our time in kfi will be carrying it live thousands of dwp customers still don't have power and so cal edison says about fourteen hundred customers in l a county are without power along with about four hundred more in orange county officials say the outages were largely the result of overloaded power stations and aging equipment that could not keep up with demand during the heat wave the scent temps soaring into those triple digits a prosecutor in san bernardino county has been put on leave over some controversial comments on social media district attorney mike rama says his office learned of the post by deputy district attorney michael selyem just about a week and a half ago i was offended by the comments not just as the district attorney but as a prosecutor one of the comments he used expletives to describe congresswoman maxine waters sings she should have been shot by now for her loud mouth san bernardino county district attorney's office does not condone hate discrimination or incitement of violence rama says celje will be on leave while his office investigates and selling them could be fired at the end of the investigation chris ancarlo kfi news eight boys have been brought to safety from the cave they have been stuck in thailand abc's dr jennifer ashton says being trapped for more than two weeks will have mental consequences for the boys there's going to be short term acute effects longterm effects that will be continuing long after the cameras go away and that's just as important as what's going on physically for more boys and their soccer coach still waiting in the cave to be rescued two divers have been escorting each boy out of that cave through two and a half mile escape route most of the boys don't know how to swim a woman in new jersey has died because the power company cut off her electricity even though she adjusts made a payment two days beforehand the woman had congestive heart failure in needed an electric power to oxygen tank to breathe the woman's daughter says the told the company of moms medical issues the power company says they were not aware of them police newark are investigating senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has been followed by protesters outside a restaurant in louisville.

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