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Seven trains Forty. Minutes away on. The rows Bali line Investigation, in Plainfield Metro north, at this point everything on or close to the Newark bay Engine. Of the New Jersey turnpike each watch her stop being worked. On their we had at least one. Lane blocked northbound route twenty one. I read any area at, eight Nutley we had emergency repair work there. One latest, closed the inbound lots of body right across the upper level of course. You've got the ongoing construction there on the one hundred. Seventy eighth street, so that exit ramp is still shut down We have two ways right across the upper level. Especially lower deck looks a little bit better Lincoln and, Holland up to, about ten minutes and building Chopper eight eighty let's get the forecast. Chief meteorologist. Craig Allen. Is here on another. Murky morning it is it's murky there's fog out there lot of moisture leftover from last, night and but it is quiet. So far this morning nothing to show on radar hand it'll be quiet for the next four to six hours at least some thunderstorms isolated ones that I could pop up during the. Mid and leader f. the latter part of the afternoon and then towards the evening early. Tonight, it could be quite wild in a few spots again can't do no, way to say that they'll be the exact same spots but there will. Be some thunderstorms around late day in into this evening today's high eighty five to ninety again right around the ninety degree Mark and the heat index because of all that humidity ninety five to. One hundred one more day to endure just. Like that any thunderstorms ending tonight seventy two seventy five. And then tomorrow it's a mix of, sun and clouds it's still getting close to ninety degrees but at least the humidity will start to drop a little bit in the afternoon and Friday will call. It tolerable. It's not. Great it's not cool. By any means but eighty five to ninety with moderate levels of humidity seventy six now, humidity eighty five percent and again. Today we are getting close to ninety six eleven WCBS in the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey is defending the decision not to ban conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and info wars Dorsey tweeted. The Twitter didn't suspend Jones or info wars because he hasn't violated the rules he says. He, wanted Twitter to avoid taking one off actions to make them feel good, in the short term Dorsey makes the remark after several other tech companies. Removed Jones content from violating hate speech or we should say four violating hate speech policies that includes apple Cory Booker is coming under fire over a picture with pro Palestinian activists to support boycotting Israel and the photo the Senator is holding. A sign that reads from Palestine to Mexico all the. Walls to go the Simon Wiesenthal Center, says it was shocked to see Cory Booker holding a sign equating a wall of the The US Mexico border with the barrier that Israel built it says maybe he, doesn't fully grasp what the sign said the senators demanding a clarification, from the Senator spokesman for Booker says that in the rush of taking photos he was passed on assign all the glass at it he passed by the side but it was about talking about Mexico anyway. The photo was.

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