AT, State Department and President Trump discussed on Jeff Ward and Ed Clements


Said he believes North Korea. Has not taken the steps, necessary to denuclearize today's State Department briefing spokesperson Heather Nauert said department continues to, believe that Kimmel honor his pledge to denuclearize Kim made a. Commitment to President Trump on June the twelfth. He said that he would denuclearize his country the secretary has, had subsequent conversations as has the State Department and we do not believe. That that position has changed in any way the government says a judge ignored common sense when he allowed a merger of AT and t. and Time Warner to, go through in a seventy three page. Brief the DOJ claims the ruling, by judge Richard Leon was. Clearly erroneous saying ignored fundamental principles of economics the government says the combined AT and t. and Time Warner would give the company the power to suppress competition, in a statement Dallas-based AT and t. says there is. Nothing in that brief That should disturb. The original decision Robert Wood NewsRadio KLBJ attorney. General Ken Paxton announced today one hundred ten million dollar settlement. With pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca over the company's false and misleading marketing of antipsychotic. Drugs Syra quill and the statin drug Kress store in violation of Texas Medicaid fraud Prevention Act the state says AstraZeneca said the two drugs were safe for certain, populations and Medicaid but they were.

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