Catholic Church's 'secret archives' detail playbook for concealing abuse


A bombshell for the Catholic. Church a Pennsylvania grand jury finds credible evidence that more than three hundred Catholic priests sexually abused at least a thousand children over a period of decades across that state abuse allegedly was kept, quiet by the Catholic church and a cover up that stretches to the Vatican Julie south Moore who covers religion for the Washington Post. Is following the story and spoke with komo's Taylor van Cise and. Carleen Johnson Julie what sort of information was The grand jury provided with and I gotta tell you. I watched some of that press conference from the attorney general yesterday and some of the details it's just it's remarkable how disturbing it really is it really is there's some heartbreaking detail in, this report and a lot of it came right out of the church's own archives they kept secret archives as they move to these. Priests from parish to parish Reveal the abuses they'd. Been accused of. But they kept detailed notes in the, grand jury had access to all of those files on they also interviewed. As many victims as they could and other witnesses they spent eighteen months investigating Is it clear at this point how. Many of these priests or bishops are still active within the within the church or if any. Of them will face criminal charges the. Three hundred plus priests. Who are named in this almost none of them will face criminal charges some. Of them are deceased because this report goes all the way back to nineteen, forty seven many of them are no longer living almost none are potentially none of them are in active ministry today in five of the six dioceses we. Know that there are no active priests who are named in this report and in terms of those who are retired or who have been removed from ministry because of their actions who are still, living who could face criminal charges the statute of limitations. Has run out for most of them which is going to be a major, outcome of this, report is that there's, already calls in Pennsylvania to raise that statute of limitations so that more of these people can. Face criminal charges we're talking to Julie's ause Moore who writes are covers religion for the Washington Post so it took, so long for the abuse everything to come out. In Pennsylvania and this case is so astronomical is this indicative of some of the other stuff is. Yet to be uncovered in other states do you think it is part of a wave right. Now of investigations around the world in. Australia cardinal Pell is. On trial right now in Chile there's a major investigation here in Washington cardinal. McCarrick just became the first cardinal in US history to step down because of sexual abuse allegations this is a moment where a lot of what people thought had been dealt with in the past fifteen years we're realizing that it hasn't. And there still so much more to come to light law, enforcement obviously being the first to comment on all of this but what about the Vatican has pope Francis said anything has not weighed, in on this report and has said they won't even. Say whether anyone who has read it which is surprising given the fact that Footprints, this has been criticized repeatedly lately for not taking sexual abuse. Seriously enough in the eyes of many

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