US, China and Bloomberg discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


Flash the dollar, falling European stocks climbing alongside US equity, futures at somber news hopes for a de-escalation. Of trade tensions the Euan dropping, treasuries dipping stock six hundred, rising with all but a handful of sectors in, the green today features, on the, SNP the Dow the NASDAQ, gained the greenback which is seen recent strength on its role as. A haven fell for. The first time it's six days stocks staying lower in most Asian markets in the wake of disappointing earnings, from tech giant's ten cent though pairing, declines after China the set spice commerce minister will visit the US for talks in. Late August hope some trade giving China's offshore you want to DiMaggio market shares slipping flirting with, a bad market a potential for a breakthrough in the trade stand, up, between China And the US is helping shakeup some. Of the caution that's we could risk

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