Zimbabwe court to hear opposition election challenge Aug. 22


Lawyers representing Zimbabwe's. President Emmerson Mnangagwa filed papers, urging the country's constitutional court to throw out an, opposition challenge to his election the this Imbaba electoral commission has said, Emma Gagua, and the. Ruling Zanu PF party won the July thirtieth election it was the first election without former longtime ruler Robert Mugabe on the ballot the electoral commission said Emin Gagua received fifty point eight percent of the vote and his main challenger Nelson Chamisa forty four point three, percent the main opposition. MDC party filed a legal challenge to the results on Friday alleging gross mathematical errors and calling for, a fresh vote or a declaration that Chamisa had one Emma Godoi lawyer and spokesman for the sano. PF party, called the challenge political and said it has no merit there's no sound argument raised by Nelson Chamisa To challenge the electoral victory of prison Amazon He is no legal challenge one is not. Complied with, the taken code Rusal the court and Secondly the case is normally the constitutional court has about, two weeks to, rule on the opposition petition challenging the

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