Zach Lowe on Kawhi Leonard - NBA


A lot of it doesn't have anything to do pertain to winning getting lebron james is a heck of a a get by the lakers i think the roster building outside of that has been for me a little bit peculiar usually you're trying to surround james with as much shooting instability as you can and it looks like they've actually gone just the opposite of that very little shooting and some unique personalities to incorporate alongside james because lonzo ball rondo all those guys they're not gonna handle as much as they normally handle because if they do in james doesn't have it then that makes no sense either so i found the james acquisition to be for them obviously a great day in laker history but as far as the rest of the roster construction it's been a little peculiar to me so the thought processes at the spurs will ultimately trade why to his destination being the lakers but not so fast as tom throw a bleacher report who joined freddie and fitz simons top choice for collides camp is not the lakers anymore ever since lebron james went to the lakers tune has changed lebron james is the guy and kawhi leonard guy essentially michael barry report david was that he doesn't want to play for the lakers second fiddles and lebron actually he does angeles clippers you know if you're a team like the philadelphia seventy sixers most confusing is if you're going to give up the farm for kawhi leonard and you know that he wants to make it back to california you know i'm going to be a real reluctant to put in marquel folsom that deal with the miami twenty twenty one pick that holds a lot of value being unprotected and who knows what happens with the mind eating a couple of years seventy sixers have the assets to get a deal done but if you can't guarantee that he's gonna stay long term that's really difficult at the end of the day i think i think kawhi leonard is going to end up in the philadelphia seventy sixers organization simply because i think colli leonard would make a lot of sense going east that's straight talk wireless nationwide coverage on america's.

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