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Radio i'm chris foster water is being pumped out of a cave system in thailand where a boy soccer team and their coach are trapped sky news correspondent alex rossi's there and says the thai navy seals could try to dive the boys out although that would be difficult and dangerous we'll have to make a decision at some point because on saturday more rain is forecast but there is a great deal of energy here there's a great deal of optimism here it's truly an international effort we've seen resources arriving from all over the world including the united states military maryland congressman steny hoyer the number two democrat in the house is hospitalized in dc with pneumonia campaigning for the past week in the mid west when he became ill now he's going through a course of antibiotics and his spokeswoman says he's expected to recover quickly she also says the seventy nine year old hoyer is looking forward to getting back at work very soon joe nato in washington fox news.

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