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Pasadena, Croatia and Alison discussed on KNX Evening News with Diane Thompson


Man who co created this spiderman cartoon character has died he also teamed up with partner stan lee at marvel comics to create the character of doctor strange he maintained a manhattan studio until his death where he continued to write and draw there we're just hearing about his death the hollywood reporter says steve ditka was found dead in his new york apartment late last month he was ninety a temporary restraining order to keep comic book icon stan lee's is strange business partner away from the ninety five year old has been dissolved by judge several lawyers who said they represent lee appeared in court and that's part of the reason why the judge dismissed the case unclear which one had the authority while lee's daughter j c was grateful her father's previous lawyer would no longer be part of the action against kia morgan her attorney kirk shank said she fears morgan she's afraid of the fact that he may continue to contact her in order to continue his obsession with stanley lees former business manager brad herman says he hopes this decision brings stability into his life something the marvel comics legend hasn't had since his wife died last year and a host of players began vying for their place in his life that's the ability translates into better health a new temporary restraining order against morgan has since been filed he was reportedly using influence overly and isolating him in downtown la margaret caro knx ten seventy newsradio elvis costello has taken himself off the road after receiving treatment for what he calls a small but very aggressive cancerous tumor a sixty three year old costello whose hits include everyday i write the book and alison said he'd been forced to call off the final six dates of his tour which included concerts in croatia austria and sweden on medical grounds selo the said the spirits been more than willing but he now has to accept it's going to take longer than he wants to recover to full strength bill rake on cbs news city of pasadena's looking into the actions of a building and safety employees caught on video blocking a woman's vehicle during a traffic dispute are you employees use to city vehicle to block the women's suv here in the parking garage if a target and is seen in the video berating her for cutting him off i didn't know you have to be rude and so you can't block her the woman who recorded it all came to the woman's defense this woman after seeing the video calls the man's behaviour unacceptable took his role to another level he made himself like a godlike figure like i'm gonna block them in the video was nearly ten minutes long the confrontation ended when security officers intervene in pasadena karen adams kennex ten seventy newsradio it is seven twenty five and we have traffic and weather together.

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Pasadena, Croatia and Alison discussed on KNX Evening News with Diane Thompson

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