Toxic algae a slimy mess for aquatic lifeblood of South Florida


Update rescue teams north thailand have been drilling into a mountain looking for alternative ways to get twelve stranded boys and their soccer coach out of a flooded cave cbs's kris martinez they're preparing to different missions getting the twelve children and their coach to the cave entrance or going in from above drilling down as many as six hundred meters the forecast calls for several days of rain which means rising floodwater that could prompt a rescue attempt maybe retry because to be afraid of the bbc sophie long you've been in and ask the cave overnight they brought out some messages from the boys and their coach and in a school note from the coach he said he sincerely apologize to the voice parents he said he promised to take care of them they're also nights when the boys as well many of them saying don't worry about us we all strong we fine but a lot of them asking for certain things to eat when they come out news update i'm peter king kcbs news time to thirty to a bay area residents who is a thai native is heading back to her home country to lend her services as an interpreter ben johnson lucky spoke with cbs thirteen at her brother's restaurant in vacaville have signed me up to be part of the interpreting team this is in a very remote area you can't display somebody who who is totally bilingual in english and tie it says it's important to get critical incorrect information out and she believes that her language skills will help prevent another potential disaster and elon musk says that he sent engineers from two of his companies to thailand to see if they can help rescue the members of that team musk said the boring company digs tunnels for advanced transport systems and it employs advanced ground penetrating radar he says engineers from both both boring company and spacex hope to brainstorm a plan with thai officials well if you're going boating or swimming this weekend don't forget to check for toxic algae cbs news correspondent manuel bojorquez is in florida where the governor is being asked to declare a state of emergency chris whitman's been fishing south west florida his entire life but the ones postcard perfect summer waters are becoming fouled by slimy and toxic renounced it's not looking good for the future i mean i've cancelled my trips the last few weeks because of this issue and i'm not on the water's much as i once was it's a recurring nightmare but this year's early bloom could signal one of the worst summers yet the problem starts here lake okeechobee the aquatic life blood of south florida after heavy rains the army corps of engineers released millions of gallons to relieve pressure on the lakes old earthen dam but the water is chock full of chemicals and nutrients much of it runoff from commercial agriculture and sprawling development when that mix bakes in the summer sun the algae population explodes biologist john cassani has been collecting samples and warning about the health hazards the toxins the son of bacteria produce are incredibly potent they affect liver function there's narrow toxins that they they produce so it's a suite of really toxic stuff that can kill wildlife and really impact people's health wildlife like manatees can choke to death but underwater the entire marine ecosystem is at risk so to or waterslide businesses captain chris whitman says he's lost twenty thousand dollars on cancelled trips already this summer this is gonna take a lot of work and a lot of time to fix it but it is fixable these are manmade issues and man can fix them the federal government and the state have approved a one point six billion dollar plan to clean and store some of the lake water but it still has not been funded even the private sector is stepping in offering a ten million dollar reward to whoever comes up with the best plan to fix the problem here because the algae has already been spotted in as much as ninety percent of lake okeechobee manuel bojorquez in florida there are growing trade tensions between the us and china the us place to twenty five percent tax on certain goods imported from china including auto parts and medical devices china hit back with tariffs of its own cbs news correspondent dean reynolds says that wisconsin could get caught in the squeeze girls stacey lindbergh's family owns a small dairy farm with seventy five cows and a lot of anxiety we don't make a lot of money and.

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