Cincinnati teacher completes record trans-Atlantic row


An hour long speech to thousands of people at a high school here just north of Columbus Ohio. Is where the Wright brothers. Invented the aeroplane And we're any Oakley got her gun Ohio is the state that gives us American, legends and American heroes like Thomas Edison Neil Armstrong at, John, Glenn stumping for state Senator Choi. Balder Senate. Olin tangent orange high school last night the president also attacked, Democrats the media and other familiar targets former Ohio State assistant football coach Zac Smith accused. Of domestic violence by his ex wife Courtney spoke to ESPN about those allegations and also about the scandal. That's unfolded at issue over the accusations and they're handling Smith said that he only told head coach urban Meyer what he needed, to know out here in the public trying, to put my personal life out there People at work or anything I mean it's I believed that personal matters marital matters need. To remain personal and between. A husband wife that's what I believed in so I believe I told him what he needed to know and nothing more Meyer was suspended with pay while an investigation is ongoing one more day to avoid paying sales tax. On back to school related items in Ohio today is the last day of the sales. Tax holiday until eleven fifty nine PM tonight no sales tax will be charged on clothing items that are seventy five dollars or less school supplies that are. Twenty dollars or less and a Cincinnati area biology teacher has rowed solo across the Atlantic setting. A record for a west to east crossing Bryce Carlson arrived at Saint Mary in, the silly, aisles off of England's southwestern tip late Saturday thirty eight days six hours and forty nine minutes after setting out from Saint John's Newfoundland beating the old record by fifteen days your ABC six first warning weather. Forecast isolated, showers Storms through the evening and then gradually turning clear overnight low of seventy one tomorrow a slight chance of rain and thunder in the afternoon sunshine a high in the low nineties showers and storms expected Tuesday I'm Jack crumley. Get more news at the bottom of the hour and on demand at six ten WTVN..

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