North California wildfires expand to more than two-thirds the size of LA


Good morning I'm art Cohen WBZ news and our top story at this hour the weather with continued heat. And humidity and some thunderstorms on. The way WBZ AccuWeather meteorologist dean devore's joins us for quick update. This is a nasty situation developing it looks like some a. Thunderstorm that's capable of producing a tornado we've seen reports of trees down around Woodstock here this morning it looks like it's centered around Webster heading east northeast towards the east Douglas and into near Whitten's Ville that's the. Track of that particular. Cell, but we're going to see more, of these as we go through the next several hours with. Rain heavy at times causing flooding and these. Spin up thunderstorms that could produce. A, little rotation and a quick tornado or certainly some straight line wind damage that's what we've got to look forward to here over the. Next couple of hours and I'm going to be back every ten. Minutes with a complete update rain. And severe thunderstorms here the next couple of hours I'll keep you. Up to date on WBZ News Radio ten, thirty thank you dean. And speaking. Of flooding in Lynchburg Virginia the college lake dam. Overflowed threatening. More than one. Hundred homes so far officials are confident that with, little or no rain in the forecast for today the damn will hold now they promised to fix the dam which is a. Tremendous relief to people who live. Downstream correspondent chip Reid has more from where I'm standing I can. See a big gap oh maybe twenty feet long in the. Dam where the water that was Surging over, the dam knocked out a wall and a portion of the old dam New Hampshire had some powerful thunderstorms yesterday lightning set off a. Fire at the Hopkinton library it was put out quickly but workers are trying to, preserve as many books as possible no one was hurt there were some, down trees flash flooding in Manchester for some road closures. The water was waist deep in some areas before receding, Friday night. More rain in. The forecast for today California is fighting, sixteen wildfires at last count the ranch fire in northern California. Where two fires have merged has destroyed forty one homes and force more evacuations in Mendocino. And lake counties we. Get, more on that from KPI PIX, televisions Elizabeth cook ranch fire around the eastern shore of clear. Lake now covers an area the size of. San Jose and it's just twenty, eight, percent contained a red flag warning in effect for the fire zone Things could get worse this weekend fire covers more than one hundred fifteen thousand acres or. About one hundred eighty square miles and some evacuation, orders have, been lifted near reading where the car fire has killed six people it is now thirty nine percent, contained the PawSox make a move that they describe as cautionary will explain in a few minutes WBZ news time is ten oh three. It's time now for traffic and weather together we begin with the Subaru retailers of New. England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes brought to you by Bernie and Phil's furniture and here's rob hackler and art. It is tough ride out west at Tana's you've been hearing the weather we've got the. Rain making I have really wet. Roads seeing the pike westbound is starting to really slow down around one twenty. Two and military in its heavy most of the way out towards eighty four in Sturbridge with reduced speeds on eighty four in Sturbridge is well the drive time on the, pike westbound. Is starting to jump up from framingham disturb ridge it is about. Fifty five minutes so getting close to an hour drive time through that stretch. Of the pike also. Watch out for work crews onto ninety on the eastbound side near main street in Shrewsbury to ninety, west his work crews near Salman pond road in church street one five southbound he's heavy before. Sixty two down two to ninety north of town ninety five north is slaughtered Seabrook New Hampshire up towards the Hampton tolls downtown Picking up company on the Leverett connector. Getting onto Storrow drive keep. In mind. Downtown the pike both ways you've got lane. Restrictions for the work of the Kama bridge eastbound, two lanes open westbound one lane open northbound expressway heavy approaching the O'Neill, tunnel route three is busy near. Derby street and down at the Cape you've. Got about a two and. A half mile backup at. The sagamore inborn bridges next report ten thirteen. WBZ's traffic on the threes no one likes to pay taxes this week at Bernie.

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