Powerful earthquake strikes Indonesia, killing at least 39


CPT detectives, are, working around the clock to investigate the incidents Chicago chief of patrol Fred. Waller the Chicago Sun-Times reporting four people have been killed police Madison Wisconsin investigating a shooting early this morning inside a community radio station witnesses say. A man wearing a mask and hood opened fire on three workers. At w. o. RTFM around three this morning, DJ was slightly. Wounded police say the. The say the shooting does not appear to. Be random the search for the gunman. Continues Venezuelan President Nicolas. Maduro survived an apparent assassination attempt last Madero was delivering a speech in Caracas when drones armed, with explosives detonated nearby Madero was not. Hurt And through a translator blames far-right factions, in Venezuela and Colombia, for the attack without a doubt we have. Revealed the situation in record time this was, an attempt to. Kill me Medeiros extremely. Unpopular in the country which has seen an. Economic crisis with high inflation and shortages of food and medicine Emergency personnel in Indonesia say, at least thirty nine people. Have, died in an earthquake that hit the popular tourist island of Lombok east of Bali today it comes just a week after another smaller quake on. The island killed sixteen people the magnitude seven point zero earthquake also. Damaged buildings in Bali a NAMI, warning was issued but lifted a short, time later, Indonesia is prone. To quakes due to his location on the Pacific ring of fire and Arca volcanoes and fault lines in the Pacific rim hurricane Hector appears. To be on track that would to miss Hawaii rejections curly showed passing south of Hawaii but islanders should keep an eye open Fox News fair and balanced MS RPM invoice. List price dealer price Toby Knapp here if you're shopping you've probably heard these terms but what? Do they mean it's so confusing.

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