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Sports let's find out what's happening we know what happened to the taggers little late last night long game no runs for, deteriorates at rob let's hope that doesn't happen to them again tonight because they have another late one in Oakland tonight on, the west coast George, Zimmerman will face the as and this one Detroit coming off a thirteen inning marathon loss that ended. At one forty five in the morning Zimmerman has a lot, to live. Up to the Tigers starters have now thrown seventeen, consecutive shutout, innings tonight's contest at the Oakland Coliseum is set for nine zero, five PM you can hear it. Over on ninety seven one the ticket the pro football hall of, fame. Welcomes, eight new members this evening and just a couple of, hours, seven of them are expected to attend the induction ceremony in canton Ohio however Terrell Owens deciding to do his own thing in Chattanooga Tennessee. Where he attended college saying he boycotted the official induction, because these sports writers weren't aligned with what the hall of fame is all about the alliance, doing some scrimmaging today at train Encamp in Allen. Park with their first preseason game coming up next week and the hall of fame already showing some of the complications with the. NFL's new helmet role in. The hall of fame game. Matt Patricia was asked about how the controversial new rule might, be officiated. When they finally take the field. I can't predict you how anybody's going to do anything so I mean I'm not gonna sit here and say that I, know how they're going to call it we're just gonna try to coach you know the way that the rules written and and you know make, sure that the players are safe that's the best thing we can do earlier the team also announced. That they signed wide receiver Brian Brown and waved white out, dumb Williams. And also with the former Panthers wide receiver Kelvin, Benjamin stirring, up a little controversy to the athletic Benjamin drafted by the Carolina Panthers in two thousand fourteen saying. It was a bad fit and the Cam Newton well if you, had. Any, other quarterback that he would have had a much better, career, there are Benjamin currently with the Buffalo Bills with sports fifteen and forty five past each hour crystal are WW j. NewsRadio nine fifty is. Now a page from the diary of Flo Dear diary there's something about protecting, people's homes through progressive that inspires me 'cause I just had an idea for a book. Well it was originally an idea for a movie based on a play inspired by a podcast but the idea is how you can save when you bundle home and. Auto, might not be the best idea for a book.

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