Thailand's rescued cave boys complete their time as novice Buddhist monks


County, radio station More evacuations I'm Amy King Live, from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom five thousand new evacuations have been ordered on the northeast shore of clear lake north of San Francisco where the Mendocino complex fires grown to. More than one hundred fifty thousand acres it's now the biggest fire burning in the state in reading a fire has burned more about one hundred thirty, forty fires burn about one hundred. Thirty four thousand acres Shasta county sheriff Thomas Cinco says the fire is still growing and threatening. Homes displaced nearly forty thousand plus people there's been about thirteen, hundred plus homes that have, been destroyed but on the good part we've repopulated many areas and got people back. Into their homes as quickly as possible six people including two. Young children have died in the fire governor Brown. Has toured the, damage in Shasta county with, this warning, this is Trend new normal and we've got to deal with. In we're dealing. With humanly financially and governmentally Brown says he's, hopeful President Trump will issue a so-called presidential major disaster declaration for California that would free up federal dollars to rebuild and also help fire victims with food legal unemployment and mental. Health counseling while massive wildfires rage out of control in northern California the only big fires still burning in southern California is winding down the thirteen thousand, acre fire near Idyllwild is ninety. Six percent contained fire officials say they should have it fully contained by Thursday all evacuation orders. Have been canceled highway seventy four has reopened their escort traffic, through the area highway two, forty-three has also reopened without restrictions the fire destroyed twelve buildings near Idyllwild and damaged. Five others l. a. teacher talks have stalled the union rubbing. LA unified teachers says the state mediator has been. Appointed to oversee. Contract negotiations And the, chair of the bargaining team for, United teachers Los Angeles says the. Union is preparing to conduct a strike authorization vote the last week of the month contract. Talks have been going on for more, than a year the union says it's. Asking for six and a half percent raises the, district is. Offering a series of two percent increases Erin bender KFI news the World Health Organization says a new vaccine may not be effective in treating the latest, Ebola, outbreak, in the Democratic Republic of Congo experts are using the vaccine after being sent. To the region last week to deal with an outbreak that has killed at least two dozen. People the last outbreak of the fatal virus killed, more than thirty people in northwest Congo in July. More than eleven thousand people died during any Bola epidemic in west Africa between twenty thirteen and sixteen the boys rescued from a flooded cave, in Thailand have, been returned to their family but not before becoming novice monks the boys left. A temple in northern Thailand after spending nine days living in a monastery a tradition for may Males in Thailand who experience adversity the experience was seen, as a spiritual cleansing for the group and, to fulfill a promise, by the families to remember the ex-navy seal diver who died during the rescue operation. The epic event is being commemorated with construction of a museum expected to. Open within six months along with a statue of the hero diver the schoolboys in their coach. Were trapped for more than two weeks inside a cave before being. Rescued Julie Slater KFI news traffic from your helpful socal.

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