MLB star Josh Hader apologizes for racist, homophobic tweets


Six Springer who followed with a home run after bregman long. Ball you might remember he was the MVP of the World Series last. Season the, Astros of course beat the dodgers last year in the World, Series Springer's, teammate Alex, bregman no was named the MVP of the. Game speaking of the dodgers they are on the verge of making a deal to bring Manny, Machado the all star Baltimore shortstop to LA that trade will be consummated reportedly on, Wednesday, meanwhile embarrassment for. Milwaukee all star, pitcher Josh, hater who had apparently made some racist and homophobic tweets that came to light during this all star. Week hater was naturally quite embarrassed and apologized for the tweets. Afterwards there's no excuse for what was. Said I'm deeply sorry for what I've said and what's been going on us reflecting your my believes going on now that's Josh hater of. Milwaukee he's one of the key reasons why the brewers have been such a force in the National League. Central he did give up one of ten home runs were hit in the all star. Game. Plenty a couple of quick, notes, Brandon Crawford of the giants and jet Lowry of the as both went hitless Intuit, bats each And Blake trying to be as fine closer..

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