‘Batwoman’: The CW Developing Lesbian Superhero As a New DC Drama Series


Ofcom says British television we'll have. To change to, compete with the internet giants his our. Media correspondent David Senator nearly. Forty percent of UK households now subscribe to Netflix Zora similar video streaming service of. Comas, also revealed that spending on television by BBC channel four and channel five has dropped by nearly a billion pounds of the last twenty years the chief executive of off com Sharon white says Britain's broadcasters now need to work together if they're going to compete the data also shows. A continued drop in traditional TV viewing children and young people now what. Around round forty percent less than they did seven years ago and they're watching around an hour a day of video on YouTube researchers say there's virtually no evidence that taking omega three Fish oil supplements. Prevents heart disease or strokes a review which examined child data for more than one hundred thousand people concluded the chance of deriving any meaningful health benefit from the supplements was one in a thousand Television dubbed version of, that, woman, is set to become the first live action superhero series with an openly gay lead character the show is being developed for an American channel which will ready as several programs. Based on DC comic book characters pizza booze reports from Los Angeles But woman I made her appearance in the nineteen fifties is a love interest for doc man to dispel rumors. About his own sexuality she was killed off in one, thousand nine hundred seventy nine but the character was, reintroduced. As a lesbian in two thousand and six but woman whose real name is Kate Kane has since become the highest. Profile openly gay character from any DC comic if, a pilot episode of the Batman series is successful it could, appear, on, television screens sometime next year Pitas reporting and now for the weather let's go over to, Thomas Jefferson, I can't, at the BBC weather center good morning good morning to you Martha added so warm one across the. South of the country this morning temperatures in London are around eighteen degrees and for many of. Us it's closer to the mid teens a little bit fresher across the north, of the country around about ten also and we are in for a pleasant day lots of sunshine with scattered summertime clouds but also a few showers showers are expected. To be scattered across Scotland Northern Ireland northern England perhaps one or two or so. In the West Midlands and possibly across the west country as, well but these are showers and most of us will miss them and. There'll be plenty of sunshine so there's temperatures will get up to around twenty six degrees today in London which is. What we had yesterday twenty two around Merseyside and the, lowlands of Scotland as well as Belfast will probably Offer around the twenty degree marks a very pleasant date on, the way today with a. Few showers which is much needed. For the gardens and then through tonight's. Not much. Happens just clear skies. Scattered clouds and tomorrow the temperatures are set to source so. The temperatures, are on the rise whether you like, it or not in fact, in the south of the country we're expecting highs of thirty degrees celsius again the high twenty s as far. North as Yorkshire but Scotland and Northern Ireland, will stay little fresher tomorrow at around, twenty one degrees at also we're expecting some rain later in western Scotland, and western, parts of, Northern Ireland but that's sort until later tomorrow to you thanks Thomas it's eight minutes past six let's. Have a first look at the front pages of the newspapers and most of them lead on. What happened in the Commons yesterday on the Brexit legislation Maistre to them also, having a similar assessment the guardians headline relief for mayor she sees off Tory rebels backmile we hold an election PM Mm told rebels the financial. Times, may restores.

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