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Texas fetal tissue burial law on trial at U.S. court


KLBJ news time five oh two good afternoon I'm Eric like this is a service of Texas Kubota dealers the state's controversial fetal remains law is back in. Federal court, KLBJ's Chris FOX reports requires. Fetal remains from abortions to be buried or cremated the shame district, court blocked the rules from taking effect can twenty seventeen. That's governor abbot rolled them out since then the state legislature passed. A Bill making the rules law state Senator Don huff fines authored to this is about giving are on board dignity at their final. Resting place the same abortion rights groups who. Fought the rules have also filed suit against the law that's in court this week or women's health CEO Amy Hagstrom. Miller I think it's disrespectful to women I think women should be. Given the autonomy to make choices about what happens to their bodies at the capitol. Chris FOX News Radio KLBJ nearly five million dollars worth of drugs is off the street after an Austin cop stopped a truck for speeding along I thirty five and also, for not, having a, front facing licensed APD sergeant Anthony hip Alito. Says a drug dog signals something was off about the truck they took it entertain the driver. Forty-three-year-old Armando Martinez, was removed they, were basically, two moon-shaped casings that were around the tires which should be there a drill was, that still casing and white powder. Basically build test was performed on that and tested positive for cocaine Yep Alito says they found more cases on, the, truck wheels also found with cocaine meth and heroin the national convention of. The n. double ACP opens in central Texas and chairman Leon. Russell says the theme will be black votes matter overall effort, from certain persons policy-making positions to prevent folks from actively testing on better voter suppression across this nation is something that we have to work The convention will feature classes on how to get active and political and social issues a hip hop summit all under the slogan defeat hate vote drivers on six twenty, can expect to see construction ramping up through. The rest of the year whether pushback dots plan to. Repay between, Mansfield dam at twenty to twenty two but that's begun and should carry over into this fall but the biggest change will begin late in the year as grounds broken on that new bypass at twenty. Two twenty two bypass will help not only. Traffic coming. From the south. The traffic coming from the north as. Well so I think they'll see, immediate, relief that's sticks. Dots. Bruce Byron it's expected to significantly increase traffic low by letting drivers make a, speedy turn on. A twenty two twenty two without having to stop and that project should wrap, up by summer, of two thousand twenty Patrick Osborne NewsRadio.

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