A nonprofit to help veterans grow startups


An inclusive community advances veterans on military spouses in that mission become creators innovate as an entrepreneur's leading the new economy but can you just tell me more about patriot boot and the story behind the company yeah so back in two thousand twelve our founder taylor mac more discovered that there weren't a whole lot of options for veterans as it related to accelerate a programs y combinator five hundred startups techstars they're all really amazing top tier programs but they don't have a specific program catered to this community taylor recognized that this was a big gap even though he's not a veteran himself and decided to approach techstars to see what could be done to fill that gap he met with david cohen who's one of the co founders of techstars and tech star said this is a great idea i think we would love to support something like this we don't have a tremendous amount of scale but whatever we can do to support will happily support what what that what that conversation spawned was originally just a one time event in dc but what came out of that event dc was this real niche need to provide fundamental programming for military spouses in veterans as it relates to what they can be doing to grow their startups in a compelling way so as a result since twenty twelve we've done a twelve of these programs we have the thirteenth program coming into timber it's really modeled after the entire techstars three months program but instead of three months we compress that down to three days so as you can imagine it's just a fire hose of information that we provide to these founders we provide mentor meetings they get to meet with at least eight mentors during the a two day span and these are mentors that have done some really amazing things in the marketplace in their own journey we do panel discussions workshops fireside chats you name it we do it in that three days span that all culminates with a sort of a pitch competition if you will they all get up they they take what they've learned throughout the weekend they stand up they do a two minute pitch about their business there's no real quote unquote prize to it other than bragging rights of course which military folks love but but we spend a lot of time really cultivating and setting them up or the next step whatever that may be in their life cycle i

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