Rami Malek is a 'legend' in new trailer for Freddie Mercury biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody'


What better way to prove that then Chewing on the women's knows and swallowing the tissue today's national emoji day everybody get out your phones and start, doing, things with little words that you can't. Express we are self both the classic smiley face with hearts for is and the thumbs up we're tied for, first place from Maryland Oregon up to seven states love on the smiley face with hearts. Fries, and the thumbs up did well in other states like Maine Vermont an emoji simple straight to the. Point but California's top emoji the one most used by people, in the state of California along with Pennsylvania is the they call it, the blessed emoji, which is sort of the hands up and little mistake no not praying hands It's not like that. It's like this the hands up altogether like you're like you're playing football but all your fingers are that's the, most popular one is what it says I've never used that one guest where guess what. Nevada's, favorite emoji is Poop poop emoji with the ice Yup On the, baseball seeing this story. Is trending. Locally the buzz surrounding Orioles infielder Manny Machado is at an all time high because. There are a couple of different places. Bob Nightingale had tweeted out this morning he expects that Machado will be. Traded to your Los Angeles Dodgers tomorrow he's like. The, Manny Ramirez of two thousand eighteen yeah but this guy actually has some future ahead of him and I don't think. Manny Ramirez head. That going for. Him he's he's young he's he's great he's in the middle of, a career year batting three eighty five. Twenty four home runs. Ninety six games the Orioles, are. Horrible horrible or Orioles are horrible horrible and. That's why they're trying to unload. Them he's got a huge contract though so the dodgers are going to try to stay out. Of the salary cap if they can and have you seen? The latest Queen trailer bohemian rhapsody trailer I'm gonna play a little bit of. This Enjoyed the show I also saw Lisa it? Is quick and then you need someone you Remmy Malik there. As as Freddie Mercury and the teeth Oli cow the teeth, in that video are incredible so we're. Gonna throw, the latest trailer for, bohemian bohemian rhapsody this is what they call official trailer. Number one. There will, be, more but he in that just in the trailers looks amazing all right coming back, swamp watch all, of what's going on in Washington DC big announcement from. The president today just some comments but a big comment about his reaction to. The reaction what, happened in Helsinki in his meeting with Vladimir. Putin will play those comments, we come back Amy king has an update on the news President Trump says he misspoke. And that he accepts the conclusions of. US intelligence agencies that Russia, meddled in the election you've just heard. Gary talking about that, but the president also says there was no collusion I have faith in our intelligence agencies also told reporters. At the White House this afternoon the US Russia relationship has gotten substantially better news brought to you by eight hundred no. Cup here's a been proposed. That would say a child cannot be treated as a. Criminal if he or she is under twelve years old instead of putting the child in the juvenile Justice system the kid would be. Veered toward gentler service agencies for help with questionable behavior supporters, the Bill say children under twelve are. Too young, to enter the Justice, system those kids who commit more serious crimes like murder. Would be. Sent through, juvenile, delinquency court a federal appeals court says a former inmates should be allowed to sue, county and the, sheriff's department for alleged mistreatment the woman claims she was. Shackled to a cell door for hours while wearing very little clothing without access. To food water, or a toilet a woman has been arrested. For a hit and run, crash in San Bernardino that killed a woman and her unborn baby the driver was arrested. Yesterday the woman who died last week. Was in a crosswalk she, had almost finished crossing The street when she was hit a climber is fallen to his. Death on a, peak in king kings Canyon National Park in central California the. National park service's officials got an SOS from a satellite device last Thursday one hiker was..

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