Elon Musk and the Greatest Show on Earth With Darren Beattie


Here is the great Darren beattie from revolver dot news if you are not supporting revolver news you should be. They're one of the few organizations that actually does journalism in our country revolver news. Darren, welcome back to the program. So great to be back. Thanks for having me. So Darren, there's a lot of different stories we can address here. But I do want to talk to you about the Elon Musk story. This is being met with enthusiasm from most base conservatives, populists, and nationalists, the maga types, if you will, the establishment Republicans seem to not love it or they're just kind of glossing their eyes over at it. Now, help us walk us through this because Elon is not necessarily team right. He's socially liberal on certain things. Pro China in other ways also the Neuralink stuff. We are not a big fan of. But you seem supportive of this and I am as well. Tell us why. Yes, I'm incredibly supportive for the simple reason that Twitter really is as Elon characterized as the global public square. And the question of who controls information flows on the global public square and whether or not there's free speech on the global public square is an existential one. It's existential from the point of view of the stakeholders in our regime, which I believe will do everything in their power possible to prevent this from happening. And it's also existential for us because if we're not able to have free speech at scale, we're never going to be able to have genuine political victories. And so I support this because even though probably a realistic and fair assessment would be the odds are stacked against Elon. Now he's already done an incredibly impressive job for how far he's taken it. But this is just the start. And so, you know, he's up against a lot. Maybe he won't succeed. I hope he will. If anyone can do it, he can't, but what's important is that this is the greatest show on

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