Twitter CMO Leslie Berland Asks Board About Mass Exodus Following Sale


Leslie Berlin Twitter CMO A Twitter CMO a something of communications from a meeting Monday in a leaked audio We want to thank project veritas which is constantly under attack by the FBI and the DoJ and The New York Times This is a fantastic room With a fantastic young leader in James O'Keefe Cat 9 go Out of the board and mister monster plan on dealing with a mass exodus considering the acquisition is by a person with questionable ethics with the authority I can answer this for mister Musk if I may The exits over there drag your ass out of there and go join Disney Get the hell out of here Or maybe you can work for Nike in China Maybe you'll enjoy that or maybe or maybe you'll enjoy working for Apple in China Go ahead But drag your ass out of here And the fast of the better Questionable ethics they said mister Musk you know what That's based on ladies and gentlemen These constant attacks and filings against him in the Securities and Exchange Commission Where the bureaucracy is highly politicized and anti business Oh so he must be unethical He must be unethical So these are the dead Enders These are the hardcore lefties that are used to controlling your speech And they don't like the fact that now this is going to be a private company So they need to go Mass exodus are you kidding me A lot of people would love to work there Love it Love

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