Will Chamberlain on the Identity of the SCOTUS Leaker


He is senior counsel for the article three project formerly publisher of Ronald Reagan's favorite newspaper human events will Chamberlain. Welcome in studio. Obviously great to be here with you, sad. Well, now we have the luxury of a little bit longer to discuss. You were in recently because of a very powerful, long thread you published on Twitter on the possible identity of the Supreme Court leaker, an individual who in her past associations and writings is shown quite a radical bent towards a pro abortion. Since we last, let's just do a little update since we last spoke. Anything changed in that analysis is anything countered that I haven't seen anything? No, there hasn't been anything. There's been, I think, Nina totenberg tried to suggest that it was a conservative clerk, but her analysis didn't have any connections to the reporters. It was just speculation about, well, a conservative clerk would have seen the strategic value of doing it this way because it fixes the justices in their positions. Right, because conservatives are the ones who break the rules. That's what conservatives do. Right. And also what conservative clerk is going to subject their own justice to the kind of protests that we've been seeing at their houses. And they know that's coming. Clerks know what the left does, especially in this town. So I just don't see it. I think as my analysis was from the beginning, this is probably the work of a desperate liberal law clerk trying to preserve roe V wade, and then in that threat I showed how this one particular clerk for justice Breyer, Elizabeth deutsch, not only has an extensive record through her career in her academic work of trying to work on pro abortion and reproductive rights causes, and that Josh gerstein, the journalist who published the leak of Politico at Politico, went to her wedding, co wrote, was a shared bylines with her husband. I mean, these people know

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