Why Charlie Was Banned From Twitter and Didn't Grovel To Get Back On


I want to talk about a couple of things in particular, and then we can go into some Q&A, which is obviously the most fun part of all this. So I don't have a Twitter account currently. So I got banned from Twitter. You might know this. So this has been one of the most interesting unexpected news cycles in my whole ten years of doing this. So I got banned from Twitter for participating in dead naming. Do you guys know what dead naming is? Okay, I didn't know before I tweeted. So here's one of the things and I'm technically suspended from Twitter, not banned just to get the words correctly. We'll get into what that means. So here's how you know you're living in kind of a tyrannical moment. When you can't keep track of all the rules that you're supposed to follow, I mean, if you're like me, I can't keep track of all of them, right? They're going to kick you out of a social club or social media because you're like, wait, what even is that? So I tweeted out, I think a month ago about the current health czar, a person by the name calls themselves the name Rachel Levine, whatever, okay? And I said this person used to have a name Richard Levine for 54 years of their life and then transitioned. Okay, whatever. And I said that in a tweet and then you can't even use the name that used to exist, right? Can't do that. It's called dead naming, so you lose your account for that. And then in kind of like a Soviet show trial way, Twitter comes out and they say, okay, in order to get your Twitter account back, you have to admit that you violated our hate speech policies and press the delete button. So we very well could have done that. But happened to the Babylon B like two days before that. And then it happened to us. And I thought to myself, you know, I traveled to these events all across the country. And I tell young people involved at turning point USA, you know, it's worth fighting for conservative values. But it might cost you

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