Charlie's Advice for Students Being Alienated for Their Beliefs


I was wondering if you could give some encouraging words to students who are being alienated by teachers. Their communities and their friends because of their Christian or conservative values. That's a really important question. So students that raise your hand if you think you've been great at differently or treated differently because your beliefs basically every hand goes up. So that's right. Marco says worth it. Yeah, look, I want to say this. So there's a disagreement on the right. And I have a lot of respect for Ben Shapiro, but he has a different answer than I do on this. And I'll kind of say this. So Ben, and this is not precisely your question, but I'll incorporate it. So the question, here's the question, do you lie on your term paper or how you present yourself to your professors to get a good grade? That's a question a lot of people ask, right? It's easier to kind of hide and to not confront things. So Ben says, yes, lie, misrepresent your beliefs, get the good grade and get through college or high school. I see it differently. I do not believe getting a good grade is nearly as important as creating strong people, filled with integrity, willing to fight for truth at all. And so now why am I bringing this up? Because if you wanted to kind of, those of you that are conservative, wanted to have an easier life than just pretend to not be a conservative and just keep your head down and just pretend to be something that you're not and delete your social media. I think there's a lot more important things in life than that. So the word of encouragement is this first something that is true that you don't want to hear and then something that is true that you probably will want to hear. It's never going to stop. You will be harassed called names, demonized, victimized. You will be smeared and slandered. You will lose a lot of your friends. And you'll doubt whether it's all worth it. Sound fun, right? Well, here's the second thing though. You will be a stronger, tougher, more resilient person that will look around at your peers one day while they're worried about whether or not they're being called the right pronouns, and you will be you will have your direction, you'll have resolve, you'll have an intestinal fortitude. You'll have Gusto that will run circles around an increasingly fragile society and you will have what is so lacking in America

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