Mark Levin's Advice to J. D. Vance


This guy Tim Ryan is bad news He is a bad dude He pretends to be a moderate He's a radical leftist He's voted with the Democrat leadership a 100% of the time and he hates Trump He needs to be defeated He must be defeated And so when I heard Vance sang some of these things I thought to myself you better pull this Republican Party in Ohio together You better not be so damn cocky Because you really didn't win this race Donald Trump won the race for you That's the fact That's how you came from third and fourth down with a relatively sizable victory But you got 32% of the vote This guy Ryan got 70% of the Democrat party vote 70% Fans got 32% of the vote He got a plurality The other guy got a super majority Vance is going to need every Republican certainly every conservative he can get And if he's going to keep doing a victory lap not because he won and taking on this guy Ryan but we showed them in the Republican primary He's going to have a tough time

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