Former Acting Atty Gen Matt Whitaker on the Durham Investigation


Now that Durham has sort of revealed how fusion GPS, how Perkins cooey, how the Clinton campaign, how it all worked and exactly kind of how they were pulling this DNS server information, somehow intercepting it from the Trump Tower and essentially they saw spam emails going from Trump org, which essentially is marketing their winery, their golf clubs and whatever. And going to alpha bank and then saying that that was a back door for communications. I mean, the whole thing is farcical. And I think those that the intelligence community knew better. And so this to me is, you know, there are several people that need to be held to account. And explain, knowing that this was created, that this rumor, these facts were created by the Democrat committee, how was this allowed to turn into a criminal investigation of the president of the United States? I got there too late and there's going to be people that hear me say that and say, well, that's just an excuse, Matt. Well, I mean, so you're running the Department of Justice and the Mueller investigation is already going and you're trying to get it landed. You know, this kind of this original sin is so far away and there's people that know it and nobody is telling you the truth. And maybe you're not asking the right questions, but my God, you know, how do you get to the right question to ask the right person when there's just so much muck to dig through?

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