Legendary Performer Pat Boone Shares a Story About Buddy Hackett


Talking to papuan. Do you understand what I'm telling you? Pat Boone. Pat, is it really you? It's definitely me. You're not just teasing me. It's really you. I confess, no makeup whatsoever. A purposely kind of fuzzy light so that I'm wearing, I'm wearing enough makeup for the two of us. Don't worry about it. I said to them, I want to look like George Hamilton. What can you do? And this is as close as they were willing to go. They didn't want to give me what you need four shades of tan more. That's all. Have you played golf with George Hamilton? I played in the same tournament with the who's who of showbiz, but not in the same force of no. What about so you've played golf with Bing Crosby? I don't know that it gets when you say you've played off with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. I think we're done. I don't think you can top that. Have you ever played? Have you ever played golf with Phyllis Diller? No, I don't think she plays, but you know, I topped it, as I say, Bing Crosby was my sponsor. He was my reason. Now, look, can I tell you a funny story about that? It involved buddy. I dare you. Go ahead. It involves Buddy Hackett. He and I were making a movie. Now you got to keep it clean. It is clean. All hands on deck with Dennis O'Keefe, Barbara Eden, and so on. And Buddy Hackett, who played an Indian in this film. It was a naval. It was in the navy. I mean, we were on the navy LST. And he was just lower course. And I was a lieutenant. And so anyway, you don't need to know the story. While we're making the film, he was taking up golf. He said, pat. He says, I want to get to be a Bel Air. Can I be a member of Bel Air? And I got to be honest, I was not, I was not expecting you to do a Buddy Hackett impression on this program. So I just checked that off my bucket list. So you're doing a film with Buddy Hackett, Barbara Eden, and during the film, Buddy Hackett is leaning on you to try to get into the Bel Air country club. Okay. Yes. Now, he was already a member of hillcrest, a Jewish club. But Bel Air, of course, is famous. That's where Howard Hughes landed his plane famously and on the golf course and things like that. And this pictures of being in bob and Fred Astaire and Gable when he had a hole in one. You know, it's where all the stars like to play. And I was a member now at 23, 24 years old. And we're in the car, and he says, I want to play a bit here. And I said, well, buddy. I don't have anything to do with except I can ask the manager. And he says, we'll do that. So I did. And the manager told me he said, you know, we don't have any Jewish members. I said, what is it? He says, it's not in our bylaws. Now, wait a minute. What year, this is like what 54, what year is this? 57. 57. Bel Air country club had no, I mean, I'm not surprised, but it's nonetheless, it's extraordinary. It was shocked to me. And they didn't say it's not in our bylaws. It's just we don't happen to have any. She said, but you can talk to the membership committee, the various members and see what they, if they'll vote, but

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