Axios Producing Four Part Series on Vladimir Putin


Axios has done a four part series one Putin who he is how it came to power I just want to read you a little bit of this The KGB to the Kremlin Pugh was a mid level KGB officer in Dresden East Germany when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 Weeks later in the tumult that preceded the collapse of the USSR crowd stormed the local secret police headquarters and Putin spent a tense night waiting for orders from Moscow that never came He returned to Russia and became a close aide first to sobchak and St. Petersburg and later to yeltsin in Moscow It was little noticed in Russia or brought until yeltsin appointed him director of the KGB successor The FSB in 1998 The year later he was prime minister four months after that on New Year's Eve 1999 yeltsin resigned in Putin's rise was complete Michael mcfaul who served as U.S. ambassador to Russia under Obama crossed paths with Putin and St. Petersburg in the 90s Behind the scenes former defense secretary Ash Carter was in several meetings with the top Russian official in the 90s He was an assistant Secretary of Defense Even Putin's critics acknowledged that he has accomplished three central objectives budding a strong Russian state reestablishing Russia as a global power and maintaining his own grip on power Nonetheless and then a couple of months of his appointment as prime minister became the figure on whom the last hopes of so many Russians were pinned

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