Jack Posobiec Shares His Thoughts on the Bio-Labs in Ukraine


More. Jack, welcome back to the program. Hey Charlie, I was a pleasure. So Jack, what is the truth behind the bio laboratories in Ukraine? There seems to be a lot of chatter about it. Victoria Nuland talked about it in her discussion with Marco Rubio, are these Soviet relics? Are they active? Was the United States involved in it? Was their potential gain of function research? The floor is yours. Well, Charlie, when it comes down to these bioweapons, you know, normally, if we hadn't lived through the events of the last two years, I would be so willing to just say, of course, these are simply, you know, diagnostic testing centers. There's nothing going on here. Don't worry about it. But what we've learned about the NIH is funding and what they were doing through eco health alliance in Wuhan, right? That has given me to the point where I do not trust these people anymore. I don't trust them when it comes to their statements. I don't trust them when it comes to them saying that they're not conducting shady research and foreign laboratories. Like we saw them do in Wuhan. So the question then becomes, why was it? It simply arrested this, right? I thought this entire thing was some ridiculous Russian or Chinese disinfo campaign, try to take the heat off of Wuhan, try to throw some of the Iraq War rhetoric back on our faces. And then all of a sudden, Victoria Nuland comes out and says, well, we have to be very careful about letting any of these research materials get into the hands of the Russians. And the minute she said that, the entire narrative shifted because wait a minute, if what's in there is active, this isn't just stuff that's on ice or something that's very deep underground, that there is something in there that could potentially be used. And then Marco Rubio again responds saying, well, if something was used, it would be by the Russians. Of course, of course, if you used by the Russians. So let me get this straight. What exactly is the magical thinking of the mainstream media now? And I saw you know all these like debunk pieces that have come out. It's this magical thinking that says there's no bioweapons, but even if there are, it's definitely Russians. How does this

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