Josh Mandel: I Am America First to the Hill


And it's interesting to me that you're endorsements come from the most reliably constitutional conservatives in the Senate People you would be working with or even in the house Jim Jordan so forth And we all endorsed you long ago In other words it wasn't even a close call We all dorsed you long ago So I just want to make it abundantly clear Let's go through a few issues Josh mandel You hear about America first Did you fight for America Didn't you don't you today fight for the constitution and the declaration and secure borders and sound money In that sense don't you believe in America first two Of course you know I'm a Marine Corps vet went through parris island for boot camp did a couple of tours in Anbar province Iraq did my small part and when I took an oath to defend the constitution and the Marine Corps I took that oath very seriously And when I take an oath to defend the constitution and the U.S. Senate I will take it equally seriously And a lot of the Republicans they go to Washington to do good But I think they stay in Washington to do well Do well for themselves do well for their family members their lobbyists cronies whatever And when I go to Washington I'm not going there to play some shirts versus skins Republican versus Democrat game I'm going there to stand up for the constitution and the constitutional principles and rights articulated in that amazing document I'm going there to stand up for the individual liberty of us as individuals and the freedom of our families And as you just said Mark I am America first to the hilt You will not find anyone who's more America first than me And it's one of the reasons why we have this enormous outpouring of grassroots support throughout the

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