Ask Officer Tatum: The Roe v. Wade Issue


I want to get back to the question that Michelle asked about the roe V wade issue. Let me just say this. You know, I would love to do more research and figure it out because it's very confusing to some degree. But it's not that serious. I think that people should not, first of all, the politicians are talking about roe V wade because they want to make this a political issue so they can win in the midterms. They don't get can care less about you cohan and your babies are dying or whatever case may be. They don't care nothing about the promiscuity. They don't care nothing about your heartache and pain, nothing about the regret after you do it. Women feeling lonely and depressed and all of the things that come with having abortions, they could care less. They want you to vote. They can care less about the people at the border. They don't care about them getting killed on the way over here dying again left in the desert by coyotes getting raped and all of the above. They couldn't care less, okay? They just want your vote. Roe V wade, I do not understand how a rational woman could be arguing about this at this point. Our irrational man could be arguing. Many of these states giving you up to 16 weeks of some crazy. I mean, I think 16 weeks is even way too much. They give you plenty of time because to be honest, a lot of people are arguing, what if you get raped or whatever can be? Well, if you ask me, I'm pretty sure you know what happened to you at least it within 24 hours of you having to go and get something done about it. And so there's no mystery. It's not like you get raped and you don't know you got raped for until you're pregnant. I don't know if that happening. Anybody that's involved in the incest, a medical issue is a completely different story and they always try to push this issue. Let me just say this. I heard Steven Crowder cities before. And I think it was a beautiful response. He said, if you talk to people who claim to be so involved in caring about the people who are raped or incest or whatever, ask them, less eliminate all of those people and allow them to have as many abortions as they can or whatever the case may be. What about the 99%? Can you agree that all of that is wrong? All in the papa gasket. The brains pop out in a pass out and they cry and they spit and roll around on the ground all day. That's what they're going to do because they do not have a real solution to the problem. They do not have they are not acting in good

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