Seth Gruber: Assumed Premises Can Destroy a Nation


Of development? I mean, come on, we're sophisticated people, Seth. You're trying to tell me that, you know, we have to get rid of birth control and all this. These are wonderful technological advancements we're told. And it makes life easier. Why should we inconvenience people? If you want to it's just a smidge, just get rid of the smidge. Yeah, yeah, yeah. There's a lot there, right? But that's what's the problem of living in a culture of death that has abandoned the moorings of a judeo Christian worldview. Is now we're lost at sea. And so what you said is very common to what we'd hear someone saying, of course. I hear it all the time. But by the way, I don't believe any of this stuff. Of course. But the point is, I'm trying to get everything you say there. Is packing pounds and pounds of worldview assumptions. Yes. And the window has been moved so much. That's right. And Reagan once said that the most dangerous ideas in a society are not the ones being argued for, arrhythmia C is Lewis, are not the ones being argued for. They're the ones being assumed. Yes. Because assumed premises, especially when undetected, can destroy a nation. You see, people tend to work out the logic of their position through their choices. And those choices reveal their deeply held worldview assumptions. But Charlie, how many people know why they believe what they can believe and can articulate a political and worldview vision that motivates and animates their beliefs, very few. But they're still operating off of those deeply held assumptions. And so when for the listeners of your show, whenever we're talking about these pro abortion arguments, people will just drop these lines that pack thousands of pounds of worldview assumptions, but they have no idea what they're operating off of. And so the job is an ambassador for the unborn and ambassador for Christ, a watchman like Ezekiel is in scriptures to be able to understand that and articulate that. Okay,

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