Disinformation Governance Board 'Paused' After 3 Weeks


So just breaking just breaking as we got on the air scary Poppins looks like she may be out Scary Poppins out Scary Who the hell scary pop You know what's scary Nina Jacobs The ministry of truth the head of the ministry of truth Looks like the disinformation You know he's got so comical How did Democrats who were once you know listen underestimating your political enemies is a really really bad idea Really bad idea You know I'll just give you a quick example right The Democrats underestimating Donald Trump in 2016 Fascists literally a Nazi all of a sudden they're like oh my gosh we lost what happened You don't want to pay back the favor to them You can dislike diet their ideas but you better darn well respect their tactics right I always said that The Democrats are usually pretty savvy about advancing a story not the story We'll get to more of that a little bit later They are They're just good at messaging I mean they've got a bunch of idiots You still believe that Vladimir Putin was given Donald Trump back rubs before an election I mean it's so ridiculous Only a moron would believe it But the left through savvy enough to get a bunch of dunces to fall for that But whoever in the Democrat party thought the ministry of truth disinformation boy led by scary Poppins was a good idea Man just give up on the political drill This is not for you This is not for you

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