Auburn Head Coach Bruce Pearl's Reaction to Ukraine Situation


This week the Jewish people are celebrating the festival of porn And poor him is a celebration of what Queen Esther did Queen Esther was with the king of Persia and the palace and she was Jewish And Heyman was a very close adviser to that king And he was advising the king that maybe it was time to get rid of all the juice Queen Esther's uncle was more high My Hebrew name is Morgan And I think that my family gave me that name for this reason Once I talked to Esther the queen had said look Esther you might survive this for a little while But you won't survive this He's really going to kill all the Jewish people and your family And he gave us to the courage to try to see if she could turn the king's heart and she did And saved the nation So some of you may be uncomfortable You guys asked the question right You asked the question about Ukraine We say never again I was born in 1960 15 years after they opened up the Gates And they saw 6 million Jews were murdered And 3 million more people And so if Tara Vera and van der veer wants money for three pointers I'll up whatever they're offering I mean I'm all in healthier Ukrainian people survive that And I'm very concerned about what's going on in Iran with the king of Persia now And if we embody that government give them all that money sign a bad treaty It's going to put the world in jeopardy

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