Josh Mandel: Welcoming Sen. Ted Cruz to Ohio This Weekend


Peter Thiel is a billionaire who's going from state to state back in candidates that he wishes to purchase a Senate seat for And he's doing that in Arizona He's doing it in Ohio is doing it in another place How much money has he put into a political action committee To support JD Vance do you know It's up to $13.5 million and we have another opponent of ours who's put in I think 16 million of his own money We've got a third opponent who's put in I think over 15 million of his family money I mean Mark the amount of money that's coming in against us from all these different candidates is amazing I've got never trumpers running against me I've got pro impeachment rhinos running against me I've got people running against me who think that Mitt Romney is an example of how they should act in Washington and I'll tell you what I'm excited about This coming Friday and Saturday Mark We've got Ted Cruz coming to Ohio to barnstorm the state with me We're going to post all the events on our website Josh mandel dot com Again J O SH MAN D E L dot com and we're excited to have crews coming in We're going to be in Dayton since in addi Cleveland Columbus Toledo and other parts of the state as well And very proud of earned senator Cruz's support and I'm grateful that he's coming to Ohio to campaign for me

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