Jenna Ellis: 'It's a Great Day for Free Speech'


Yesterday, Elon Musk bought Twitter. That sounds like a joke. It's like a Babylon bee headline. Elon Musk zillionaire bought Twitter for 67 gazillion dollars. Do you have any thoughts on that today the day after this happened? Because I find myself feeling generally like, hey, that's a great thing. But there's a I just have a lot of questions about it. I just wondered if you had any ideas about it. Oh, it's a great day for free speech, and it is absolutely a great thing. And I think ironically, you mentioned Babylon B and that seemed to be the catalyst when the Babylon be the satire site was suspended on Twitter. Elon Musk, of course, had done that interview with about one B loves all of their work and started talking to Seth Dillon, who's the CEO. And actually had a conversation with him saying, should I offer to buy Twitter? I mean, this is ridiculous. And so what the left is melting down over in people who are so concerned that somehow billionaire Elon Musk is owning Twitter when they didn't really care that Jack Dorsey was running Twitter, then what they're concerned about is that Elon Musk has openly said that he is a free speech absolutist and that he hopes that people who disagree with him will stay on the platform because that's what free speech means. So I think this is a watershed moment in American history because we have not only the government that's forbidden by the constitution to infringe on constitutionally protected speech and free speech. But we've seen that the tech oligarchs have gotten around that and private companies have censored public forums and with Elon Musk saying I'm going to buy one of the top 5 platforms V top platform for political speech. This is going to revolutionize what we can actually discuss and debate

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