Media Can't Cover up Biden's Failures, Only Protecting Liberalism


And I think they decided at that point that it was better for them long term to get rid of dinkins and to at least try to semi cover what was happening in New York City Then to just destroy the whole Democratic Party by pretending and lying to people in front of their face like no your car wasn't stolen your kid wasn't murdered you were all lying I don't mean to keep bringing that point up I do it often in my podcast and radio show but I bring it up because we may be getting at the point now where the liberal media in an effort to save liberalism Keep in mind this has nothing to do with honesty or if that is Ryan lizza or whoever may whatever lefty leaning journalists They're not asking these questions because all of a sudden they want to be honest and candid That's not what they're doing They're doing it because they realize they have to save liberalism and Joe Biden's become a liability for them I need you to understand the difference It's critical So here here's another question where they're basically like hey man I'm going to give you a chance to answer this but the Republicans basically saying you're really awful you know you're in charge fix it You got something to say These are questions you would have never heard before things start to get really bad Check this out You called out Rick Scott a little while ago in your remarks Earlier than he anticipating your remarks he said and I'm just quoting here that the best thing most effective thing Joe Biden can do to solve the inflation crisis He created his resigning He's the problem Senator The senator at it later Joe Biden is unwell He's unfit for office He's been coherent and capacitated and confused These are his worst Offering him his chance to respond I think the man has a problem Yeah he does Oh Rick Scott Yeah you do have a problem

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