Phelim McAleer Describes His Film 'My Son Hunter'


For those people listening who are not familiar with the film that you and Ann are making, tell us what is this film because you've been on the show, but not everybody listens to the show every day. My son hunter is the film. It's about Hunter Biden's dodgy dealings. I say it's part Austin Powers, parts on the carrier part House of Cards. It's about Hunter Biden's dodgy dealings. It's about Joe Biden's dodgy dealings. It's an absurdist romp through Hunter Biden's drug adult past and possibly present. And it's true. It's true. I mean, the best source of a lot of it is hunker Biden's autobiography, where he talks about, I mean, this is a guy who says, I had to leave the board meeting of burisma every 20 minutes to take a crack hit, you know, to get some crack in my system. This guy was getting paid $83,000 a month by burisma for four years. He was paid millions of dollars. He was part of a $1.2 billion fund. By the Chinese government, he was getting money from the former mayor of Moscow's ex-wife, 3.5 million, he was money was just flowing in from these foreign sources, and he has emails. Joe Biden is called in for 10%. Joe Biden has come in for 50%. These are facts. So anyway, but that's the fact. Not anyway. I want to be very clear. So in case anybody's driving in their half listening, this is true and fail them an Ann a journalist and they're making a film about this. A movie. Whatever the difference is. Filming a movie. Stop it. This is what happens to me like I always put into the room. But my question is, you're making, you're making a movie. Okay, but the point is it's true. And it's about the biggest story there is. We're talking about corruption. In The White House, corruption at the highest level with our foreign enemies. Everyone ought to be clamoring to cover this and as we know, it's crickets. That's how you know we're living in truly mad times.

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