John Zmirak: 'First China Came for the Uyghurs'...


Volkswagen back, I'm talking to John's mirac Jon it doesn't have people can read your stuff at stream dot org stream dot org. What else should we talk about? Well, Jason Jones and I co authored another piece at the stream called first China came for the Uyghurs and the Vatican said nothing. I don't know if people following China news. The most prominent Christian in China has just been arrested. Cardinal Joseph zen, 90 years old, he's the cardinal of Hong Kong. So he's from the part of China that was free until 1998 under British administration. And then was turned over to communist China. On the promise that it would retain its free political system. Of course, like all promises made by communists, that turned out to be a lie. And there have been crackdowns and arrests and China put into place a law that anyone in Hong Kong violated the Communist Party's authority could be shipped to Mainland China where the courts and the juries would be much stricter. Cardinal zen helped set up a charity fund that would help fund the defense of people against such extradition orders. China just arrested him and everyone else involved in the foundation.

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