Tracy Robinson: The Origins of 'The Matter of Life' Film


You must be, you feel like you're right in the middle of the storm right now with this roe V wade debate and the movie is so timely. It's going to be in theaters in what they call those fathom events may 16th and 17th, the movie addresses the issue of abortion through science, philosophy and history. And I love what you said and I've borrowed your phrase clarity kills controversy. Tell me about the evolution of this important movie and why it was so important for you to get behind it and direct it. Well, the origin of this movie started back in 2016, 6 years ago, and my background's in film and video production. And I was commissioned on and off to do testimonial videos and promotional videos for a pro life pregnancy resource center in California. And I had never heard of a pregnancy center before, but I really admired what they were doing to help women in their time of need. And but I wasn't very concerned about the abortion issue. I didn't think it was a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I was pretty much in the mushy middle and apathetic. And it wasn't until my Friends at the pregnancy resource center invited me to an apologetics night and the topic was going to be the case against abortion. And I thought, well, I'll go and check it out and see what my pro life friends are talking about. And in less than two hours, the speaker Alan lehmann of Santos, he gave a clear concise argument for the full humanity of the unborn child from the moment of conception. And the logic and the clarity and just the just simplicity of this message really struck

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