Who Are Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips?


Catherine Gregg, welcome to America first one on one. Thanks for having us. Thank you. All right, so let's start with just a quick introduction. What you do, what your background is, Catherine, talk to us about a true the vote and then Greg your credentials, your qualifications, to collect the data for this movie. Let's start with you, Catherine. I started true the vote in 2010, quite by accident. I thought that there was a need for people to go and work at the polls. We didn't have enough volunteers. And so we set out to build those gaps and one thing led to the next, we saw problems at the polls. We wondered why the voter roll data was in shambles and that began our very first research project flash forward 12 years later and we have studied over these many years, the inch by inch by inch subversion of process. And never more never more so than 2020. And that's when I brought in my longtime business partner Greg Phillips to help us take a different tack on evaluating what really happened in the 2020 election. So you were a private citizen, just concerned about the integrity of our elections, created this organization ended up testifying before Congress and then through their vote becomes this incredible influence for fair and transparent elections. Okay, Greg, talk to us about what you've done in the past, what your qualifications are and what you brought to the table for 2000 mules. I got into politics in 1982. Now what is that? 40 years ago. So it's pretty amazing. Since then, I've had the great opportunity and great fortune to work and 22 countries. On elections, I've worked in the United States. Really mostly in the south, but really across the United States. And since Catherine and I connected and started working on this project, it has been a real clarifying opportunity for us to begin to describe the work that we

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