Was the 2020 Election Fraud the Perfect Crime?


Catherine dinesh had this brilliant idea to fly all of us Salem hosts who weren't involved in the collecting of the data out to California to see a sample of what you and Greg had done. And then to get our reaction on tape and then to add it to the movie 2000 mules. One thing that my daily beloved Dennis prager had problems with and I had to explain to him on camera is how this is the perfect crime because of the envelope into which the mail in ballot is placed, which is put into the Dropbox or mailed into the polling station. Which means when there's nobody there physically voting, the envelope arrives, the ballot is taken out of the envelope that identifies who should have sent it, who it belongs to. And once it's taken out, that's it. Chain of custody is broken because there's no way to connect that ballot with who was supposed to have filled it out. In that way, isn't this the perfect crime Catherine? Yes, absolutely. And never more so than in 2020 when they removed the very few checks and balances that did exist. They removed to security standards around signature verification. They were quick to take those ballots out of the drop boxes and mix them into the general population of early voting at polling places. And so there was literally no way to unring the bill.

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